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Mastering the Art of Mixing & Matching Colours

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Childhood was a different story. Whether on drawing paper or in the colour of our frocks, we always used to be bold and experimental. But now is a different story! If you do get some free time during the day just open your wardrobe and the realization will strike you that it is mostly filled with very safe (and some might say boring) colours. Generally, because of the lack of time or our inability to give proper attention to our entire look, we end up choosing blacks, whites, greys or navy most of the time. And it is really an unconscious decision we make while browsing dresses for womens online.

However, now that we have brought it to your kind attention and have made you eager enough to shake things up – we list out a few tips to help you get started in the complex art of mixing colours. This is the art that even designers swear by and utilise once-in-a-while to try and disrupt the fashion industry.

By the time you are done mastering it, we promise you a brand new fearless and fashionable personality. So without any delay, let’s get started.

  1. Time to try monochromes

As we are just starting, we will take things real nice and slow. First, let us choose the colour. Something you always wanted to try but were never able to quite bring yourself to it.

After getting this hard part done, now we will go on coordinating your whole dress according to this chosen colour. The accessories too. This fashion exercise will give you an upper hand in monochromes while providing you with a very elegant and feminine appearance. See and observe how our models have tried syncing prints and monochrome colours here.

P.S- You can find the below given beige-coloured beautiful capri pants online.

https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/WaBIwvduPbDeAkO-ovnI93v5g4y0g6ox6yhY8xX0dq4HYeqE8Y9-sL64Wmc1fWTeOH05OeFT6C0x_LbPpCkbsvJkhoPac-_Kz7i_2t0sj3s4FNWoKurnAW7nnmKuoAH3pTJTdn2f https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/2ZGwJbsK4k56fhcbZUHDCebOPqfvD8R6HUd1e2Y0iJODp-I86bwnjns4abH-8h0lLpod0lgTa4v9CzoI3MezP3vY2-IXWAyI3GQOd6HQ-0HRIyyhV7u-vkYG3N6pQ1zmGTR3eWUV

https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/83ZOpz-3lRlbpLAMSjb-drfWQalVLgzHRhnS-unAJVzPjeQSocXG0gzjxpJBeldTq--gn8LoomKpMdvrUaikj4aHX9iJRqj2FEH3f4Ne2IDbOPCEx9LEzCqKxX1zuLv8GFIf5SRs https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/wNxB7Sjq1B9Rm8wpfM5ww75ZhO4rNhHQCTYTFmjYwAgnNxEzUloYXfGyhE99-UaRyS-XaNMMU4soCGS21jQ6OBtbri1OlXESPe72G80M8xlWDtTmesrdx1EvS4z1vR2jaVuvzfwf

  1. Clashing primary colours

Once you get confident enough with the monochromes, its time to try mixing & matching the primary colours. Yes, remember these are the same primary colours we were taught about in our schools – Red, Yellow and Green. Their magical power is that when mixed with each other, they make new colours.

So for starters, you can try matching red-yellow, yellow-blue or blue-red; thus creating the colour-blocking effect.

https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/hgx-kPu3Nh_SS314X-_Mr7ndKNnspKjn4XPNXIYQwc_3poIvNBJDSSNSyPEjwgZCrV2VlPYEbG9lvoUcxVNA9DnGPN7Wpj7ltiQjf9n3ak5Je4qV0ex3Pv414Q_2hKr63zx4zPUU https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/G86mp7lLVePl8QjFfZAynbNXhAJ_97fuQGGECJ_d8mQsK-3C6o9GHwokE32rcODtNw6EXF1FhtwE9U_01KMA3s_8stgpyQ8eAaRq8aLrFcAGkmpj8XmfrlheAdHhSh5p8docLhpQ

You can such short kurtis online here.

  1. The metallic bling

Did you know that gold and silver colours are considered neutrals too? Yes, bling is a neutral colour and looks good on any figure. In this next step, try shopping for such shiny coloured garments and then match them with an equally bold colour.


  1. Contrast & Shine

Contrasts are our last step here. Just because two shades look daringly different does not mean that they can’t go together. The trick is to start small. First, you can try with contrast coloured earrings or accessories. After acing this lesson, steadily move to highly different coloured attires. But do listen to your inner voice and your best friend when they advise you against any outfit, be it your long wishlisted one piece dress online.


Go bold, become fashionable! Shop at www.mustardfashion.com and start matching.

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