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5 Fashion Rules to Break!!!

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“Be bold and brave, experiment as much as you want. Do not fear when it comes to fashion. But also within a certain set of rules. Just so that, you know – you don’t end up committing any fashion blunders. Yes, yes wear this dress to hide your flaws and totally avoid that trend you have your eyes on. Otherwise, you might end up looking dowdy.”

For the longest period possible, certain fashion norms have played a great role in limiting our fashion sense. Based on these norms we decide what’s safe to buy from dresses for women online. But ladies here is the news for you. These rules simply do not apply in today’s world. Slowly a revelation has begun seeping into the neural system of women all around the world, that the only person authorised to decide what looks good on them and what doesn’t is THEM.

That’s why we list out here the rules that you should have stopped following a long time ago. Read on.

  1. Only fair-skinned ladies get to wear bright colours


Mustard Fashion firmly believes that colors are for everyone, irrespective of one’s skin tone. It is the attitude that helps a lady look beautiful in both bright and sombre colors. From their younger years, girls are taught to avoid certain colors. And later on, these teachings unconsciously affect their everyday decisions.

However, nowadays we see how dusky women are sporting every shade of bright colours and even looking resplendent in them. Time for you to go shopping for colours now.

  1. Choose heels over comfort

No denying, heels give your entire posture and look an undeniable uplift. But that doesn’t mean that you need to wear them even when you do not want to or are craving a bit of comfort.

A woman looks beautiful in both heels as well as flats. So try shopping for beautiful flats to go with your outfit the next time.

  1. Wear prints according to your size


Chances are that you would have heard this rule from a well-meaning friend at some point in your life – “large prints for a healthy woman and small prints for dainty ladies”. Nothing could have been further from the truth.

A woman should wear whatever looks good on her. Small, large or medium prints; doesn’t matter. Find the perfect plus size dresses online India now.

  1. While we are on the subject of prints – do not mix them

Once upon a time, fashionistas used to say too many visuals hurt the eyes of the onlookers. Not anymore.  Nowadays, the fashion circuit can be found mixing prints for the creation of some pretty fabulous effects. Contrast is, especially in vogue. Bring out everything in your wardrobe and let go of inhibitions.

  1. Healthy woman do not wear crop tops


Comfort is important, opinions not so much. If willing to try out crop tops, try them irrespective of your body size. And if you want to be more comfortable in them, try pairing them with high waist pants or cargo skirt.

Wear whatever makes you feel beautiful and do not look up to others for their approval. You are classy and will look beautiful to the ones whom you are all that matters.

Mustard Fashion salutes your undeniable sense of elegance and fashion.

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